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I'm Shinami, a newbie to the Lolita fashion scene! I wanted to make a blog where I can share what I learn as a newbie and maybe share other newbies' posts! I'll also ramble about other things likes games, art, and fanfiction, but don't reblog much so don't worry about tsunamis of reblogs. Hope it's at least an enjoyable blog to follow!

eeee so happy

so i got my coworker bestie awesome friend from work has decided she likes lolita

influenced by me telling her videos to watch and cool sites and stories i found

sosososososo happy to have a lolita buddy

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Hmmm, considering selling some games. I never really sell my games. I sold some last year to help afford the 3DS XL Pokemon X edition, but I still have lots I won’t play ever again that are worth quite a bit on average.

Current list I’m considering:
Digimon World Dusk (DS - Complete)
Digimon World Dawn (DS - Complete)
Super Princess Peach (DS - Complete)
Pokemon Crystal (GBC - Loose - I have two, one works I think)
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (Wii - Complete - the big rare one)
Neverhood (PC - Loose - also rare; actually in perfect condition)

Though about selling one of my two Pokemon Heartgold complete sets, but I can’t part with them. This list is just from staring at my portable game case, stiill need to gaze at my Wii/GBC/PS2 games more.

So sad though that some games are utterly worthless, I’ll be stuck with them forever. Like those weird Pokemon anime GBA video game whatever they were things.

Also going to try and sell a Vocaloid I own, Vocaloid Tonio. Still investigating that.

so much useless technology around me
video game closet clean hah



The design of these peignoirs were inspired by the ones sold at Fairytale Boutique https://www.fairytale-boutique.com/ 

Get your peignoir today <3

These are great ideas!

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Innocent World Haul~

Not so much of a haul since it’s only a few things but it’s a haul to me hah.

The things actually arrived on Tuesday, and I tried them on and got pictures that day as well (bad idea, it was over 90 here), but after a long workday yesterday and a project due I haven’t had time until now to show what I got.

This will be picture heavy and full of squee. And you’ll have to forgive my very un-lolita clothing, posession of only one skirt, and I still need to cut my bangs.

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Just. Listen.  [x]

i went into this expecting to not be disaponted and i was right.


……What?….wow…the Mixup is strong with this one.

This is fucking great.

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Here’s a comic based on the lolita AU i drew yesterday (link)

Basically, they’re both idiots lol and Cartman is hysterical because someone called him fatty chan, which is a terrible insult among loli-nazis!! it’s a tragedy and butters only makes it worse with his consolation speech

This time, Eric’s wearing Cherry Berry Bunny jsk by Angelic Pretty, and Butters’s wearing handmade…probably

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~*~Surface Spell’s Heather Singing Under Wind JSK~*~

That green version is so divine! I love Taobao brands. 

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238 yuan ($38.32 USD)

thank you so much wise lolita masters of taobao

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it is so so so so hot in ohio today and our house’s ac is always never good

I need to cut my bangs into a straight cut so they’ll look better with the desperate pigtails I’m not sporting since my hair is too short for a good ponytail. sweat everywhere

I will be posting pictures of my Innocent World order that came in today~ It was way too hot to wear OTKs even to try them on though.

almost tempted to go play xenoblade which a classmate leant me since the basement is cold but i have a project to work on



If Cartman and Butters were into lolita fashion, they’d probably dress like this. 

First of all, Cartman would be an ott/sweet lolita who only wears brand and never touches second hand or a bodyline dress. He’d constantly criticize the way other girls dress, especially beginners like Butters (who has no idea that poor lace quality is a cardinal sin in lolita)

Cartman, who is the perfect lolinazi/brandwhore stereotype, has the mission to destroy Butters’ self esteem because "he’s a fucking weaaboo who has no idea lolita is serious business"

Butters still admires Eric too much to say something against him, flatters and follows him around. He just wants to be his best friend, since he’s the kawaiiest person he knows. For his bad luck, Eric never gives him advice, just treats him like shit and Butters ends up dressing even worse


this was so fun to draw! lolita dresses are so detailed and beautiful…besides, i feel like Butters and Cartman fit perfectly with the loli-nazi and ita-loli stereotypes lmao. 

I drew Butters instead of marjorine, i hope you don’t mind Robin 8) 

reference: Eric is wearing this and butter’s dress was inspired on this bl dress


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