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Shinami's Blog
I'm Shinami, a newbie to the Lolita fashion scene! I wanted to make a blog where I can share what I learn as a newbie and maybe share other newbies' posts! I'll also ramble about other things likes games, art, and fanfiction, but don't reblog much so don't worry about tsunamis of reblogs. Hope it's at least an enjoyable blog to follow!

In my room cleaning frenzy I found these burried in a drawer! Japanese and Korean stationery eeeeee! I forgot I even had these!

My grandpa likes to travel sometimes and would bring us souvenirs, and I guess these are some of those. The top set is Japanese and the bottom two are Korean, or were at least sold in Korea (based on the currencies). My camera is a sucky iPhone one so the details kinda died.

But really happy! I was thinking of buying fancy stationery sometime - no need now!

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